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Transmission: PROVOCATION

Ian Rawlinson

9 Feb

Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson, Citizenship, 2010

Wednesday 9 February 4-5.45pm

In SHU’s new series of Transmission lectures they will explore how art can provoke, activate, and antagonise the viewer, without referring to or employing well-known aesthetic and political strategies that seek to produce shocking and immediate affects. They will consider how the concept of provocation is at its most incisive when it is conceived as fluid and unfixed, and discussed and disputed outside the borders of the hoary discourse of the historical avant-garde. They are interested in a provocation in art that is determined by a broad range of factors, external to the physical properties of art.

Each week a member of the Fine Art staff will invite a guest speaker and chair the discussion. This wide-ranging series of talks will, through discussion with the audience, question the concept of provocation and its relation to art.

Guest: Ian Rawlinson

The work of Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson is a poetic exploration of cultural values. Their work addresses questions around faith, politics, national identity, and the environment. Works like The Fireworks, The Carrier’s Prayer or The Four Horsemen operate though an unravelling of the social and ideological consequences of an action in regard to its apparent spectacle. This interest in consequence is reflected in the aesthetics of spectacle and excess that lie at the heart of their practice. They have exhibited throughout the UK and internationally; their most recent solo show was at Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool and they have forthcoming group exhibitions with the British Council in India and at the Herzilya Museum in Israel

Host: Julie Westerman

Julie Westerman’s current research uses technologies and software more commonly associated with design and animation to make physical sculptural works. Moving between the digital and the material, the final forms combine the intangible, the transitory or the ephemeral with the monumental and the sculptural. The enquiry lends a cool detachment to the approaching apocalyptical events. Recent projects include working with Stephen Hüsch for LoBe Berlin, developing work in the gallery for Drawing Space 2010. Commissions; Thinly veiled, Grand Opera House, Belfast; Illuminated Carpet,  ‘Enlightenment’, Durham and exhibitions; ‘Inter…’, Harris Museum and Art Gallery, 2004; and ‘Afterwards’, Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, 2009


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