In Awe

Mon 07 Dec 2015 – Mon 21 Dec 2015 In Awe (open )

Preview: 7 December, 6-8pm. Awe is an emotion of wonder, surprise and fear. Awe is inspired by the sublime; not simply that which is beautiful, but that of greatness whether physical, intellectual, aesthetic or spiritual. It is an overwhelming feeling of reverence, veneration, respect and dread whilst contemplating objects or entities which are vastly more powerful, mighty or vast than oneself; God, the universe, the beauty of nature, for example. Considering that which inspires awe seems particularly pertinent for this time of year.

In celebration of the festive season In Awe brings together eight artists who have created work focussing on their subjective interpretations of what is awesome. Sarah Sharpe’s intimate lithographs explore her relationship with her disabled child, whilst Karl Hurst’s Modern Icons highlights the relationship between objects, possession and desire. Burkean ideas of the sublime can be found in the Teresa Lee’s landscapes, Lizzie Badger’s paintings of universal energy, Jayne Caesar’s photography of light and Sara Brannan’s almost scientific examination of colour. Sue Griffiths’ explores spirituality through playing with the nature of opposites, waiting in awe for a split second of the miraculous whilst Eva Millauer contemplates the mystery of existence through photography, poetry and performance.