16 February - 30 March 2008
City-wide contemporary art event

Welcome to the website for Art Sheffield 08: Yes, No & Other Options

Art Sheffield 08: Yes, No & Other Options took place from 16 February - 30 March 2008 in venues across the city including Bloc, End Gallery, Millennium Galleries, S1 Artspace, Site Gallery, Yorkshire ArtSpace, temporary venues and the public realm.

Taking as its foundation a specially commissioned essay by art critic Jan Verwoert, this city-wide exhibition addressed the fact that in a post-industrial condition, one particularly pertinent to Sheffield, we have entered into a service culture where we no longer just work, we perform in a perpetual mode of ‘I Can’. (Even advertising tells us that ‘Life gets more exciting when you say yes’).

Verwoert asks, “What would it mean to put up resistance against a social order in which high performance and performance-related evaluation has become a growing demand, if not a norm? What would it mean to resist the need to perform?” He suggests that certain means of resisting are in themselves creative - that as well as embracing exuberant performativity, art has also used the ‘ I Can’t’, by creating moments where the flow of action is interrupted, established meanings are suspended and alternative ways to act become imaginable. He suggests that as well as yes and no, there may be other options.

Visit context to read 'I Can, I Can't, Who Cares', the contextual text written by Jan Verwoert.

The city-wide programme was collaboratively selected and curated by Jan Verwoert & Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum and included a high proportion of specially commissioned work and a mix of emergent and established artists, and of Sheffield based, nationally and internationally based artists.

The Find Out More section of this website gives you more information about artists, including short video interviews, artist websites, and reviews, including the ongoing AS08 blog created by media supporters, Metro.