There is no wealth but life – Peter Doig Printmaker

Tue 15 Sep 2015 – Sat 31 Oct 2015 The Scottish Queen

Preview: Tuesday 15 September

An exhibition of Peter Doig’s works on paper from the collection of Tim Dickson. This is the first survey of Doig’s printwork to be staged in the UK and presents many rare editions dating from 1986 through to the present.

Printmaking for Peter Doig is not just a by-product of his painting but integral to his working process. His finished paintings are often the result of the development of an image that was first made as a print. Doig’s unmistakable style and subject matter has become a model for a new generation of painters and printmakers. His work stands for independence and is extensively critiqued. The prints within this exhibition draw inspiration from a wide variety of origins – film, photography, painting and advertising. Elements dissolve from their original context, are reconfigured and offer up a new meaning.