• by Victoria Lucas

The Art of Wandering

Fri 17 Jul 2015 – Fri 31 Jul 2015 The Art of Wandering (open )

The Art of Wandering

Jessica Dolby / Eddy Dreadnought / Victoria Lucas / Mandy Payne / Neil Webb/ Katya Robin/ plastiCities/ Stella Baraklianou

A CurateSheffield Project

18th July – 31st July 2015, PV: 17th July, 6pm-8pm
Open Monday – Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm

Psychogeography is an approach to exploring an individual’s relationship with their urban environment. It is a playful and inventive method for exploring physical and psychological spaces within the city, using walking or ‘drifting’ as a practice and method. Psychogeography allows the architectural, geographical and emotional contours of the city to subconsciously guide individuals to authentic experiences and a renewed awareness of their urban landscape.

The Art of Wandering explores the Psychogeography of Sheffield. The artists focus on the overlooked, the unseen and the lesser explored aspects of our city, surveying urban unconsciousness and emotional space. Many of the artists document Sheffield as a homeland, experienced though a visitor’s perspective. This collaborative outlook provides the viewer with a combined experience, inviting the visitor to an exclusive insight and welcomes the regular passer-by to reimagine their local landscape.

Situated on what was one of Sheffield’s busiest pedestrian streets, 35 Chapel Walk offers an unusual yet thought provoking space for viewing contemporary art. Victoria Lucas exhibits a film exploring the late Castle Market, examining its last moments and the remaining tomb of the place. The Brutalist structures of Park Hill flats in Mandy Payne’s paintings represent displaced communities, whilst Eddy Dreadnought plays with the diverse and sometimes traumatic geography of Upperthorpe. plastiCities invites viewers in from off of the street. Familiar to the public eye, their sound boxes engage the listener in a conversation with the city. Katya Robin exposes overlooked histories and alternate interpretations with her Standard Measures project. Jessica Dolby views the city from the outside looking in; her installations create a way to find ones way around the city. Soundscapes from Neil Webb create suspense within the space, placing the listener within an unfamiliar and unknown environment. Finally Stella Baraklianou encourages viewers to give more consideration to their environment through the slowing down of fast paced urban life.