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Art Sheffield Free Saturday Tour - September

Sat 05 Sep 2015 – Sat 05 Sep 2015 Site Gallery (open Tues – Sat / 11am – 5.30pm)
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Join a member of the Art Sheffield consortium for a free tour of current exhibitions in the city.

Starting at Site Gallery and moving on to Bloc Projects, Picnic Picnic and The Scottish Queen, the tour will feature:

Site Gallery - Exercises in Empathy

Exercises in Empathy explores how the body senses objects and responds to concepts and ideas through touch and movement. Inner and outer worlds blur into each other as acts of repetition, mirroring and meditation are used to navigate and feel the world around us. The exhibition is comprised of film, photographs, sculpture and archival materials by Daria Martin, Ian Whittlesea and Rudolf von Laban.

Bloc Projects - Nicola Ellis - More room for error

Artist Nicola Ellis has made a series of new works inspired by Sheffield’s historic steel industry and the gallery’s previous usage as a grinding shed by Granton Knives. More room for error reflects the research that Ellis has been conducting over the past 6-months, meeting and speaking with local historians and knife grinders to learn about the techniqus and tools that were and are currently used in the city.

Picnic Picnic - Yelena Popova - Never Ending nor Beginning

Never Ending nor Beginning describes a circle. A shape whose form is so perfect that it is unpunctuated by edges, corners or faces and is simply a singular point extended in perpetuity. Round canvasses are stacked, performing carefully balanced tableaux that capture a singular moment like a memory. Delicate layers of translucent colour build up, recording the artist’s fleeting gestures long after they are gone.

The Scottish Queen - Terminus

Terminus is an exhibition of installation works by David Cotterrell as well as commissions by Ron Wright and Michael Day that explore the legacy of the Tinsley Cooling Towers site. The exhibition marks the beginning of the Tinsley Art Project.