• zub za zub Zub za zub, 2014.
  • Maria_Corejova_My_Love_For_God_Is_A_Real_One_2 Maria_Corejova, My Love For God is a Real One, 2014.
  • N_1_12_RL_2_UK_2014

Regular Line #2

Thu 30 Oct 2014 – Thu 06 Nov 2014 Bloc Projects (open Weds – Sat / 12pm – 6pm)

Preview and performance: Thursday 30 October 2014, 6-9pm. Performance at 8pm.

Discussion: Saturday 1 November 2014, 1-4pm

Featuring an exhibition by Slovakian artist Maria Corejova and performance of contemporary slovak opera Zub za zub, Regular Line #2 is presented by Zuzanna Godalova, founder and curator of Topoľčany based art space Nástipište 1-12. The project forms part of an international residency exchange and exhibition program run by Nástipište 1-12 and follows an exhibition of UK artists in Slovakia led by Liz Von Graevenitz in early October 2014. Zub za zub / a tooth for a tooth features Marek Kundlák /acting, Michal Paľko/ cymbalo, Miroslav Tóth/ saxophone, Andrej Gal/ cello.
On Saturday 1 November 2014 join Leeds based artist and facilitator Sarah Spanton for a workshop and discussion exploring ways of working internationally, funding and creating opportunities, and ways to address issues that arise within exchange and collaboration focused projects. Attendance is free. Visit the Bloc Projects website or email info@blocprojects.co.uk for more information or to book.