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Sight is the Sense that Dying People Tend to Lose First

Tim Etchells

6 Feb


Friday 6 February 2009 7pm

Socks are gloves for the feet. Snow is cold. Water is the same thing as ice. In America things are bigger. America is a country. Korea is also a country. Some men have sex appeal. Blind people cannot see anything. Burglars are men that go into houses and take things which do not belong to them. Mist is like smoke but it comes without fire. The telephone is an amazing invention. A mouse that is dead is sometimes referred to as a specimen. Love is difficult to describe

Sight is the Sense that Dying People Tend to Lose First is a long free-associating monologue that tumbles from topic to topic to create a vast, failing iteration and explanation of the world. Comical in its apparent naiveté and preposterously encyclopaedic in scope Sight is the Sense…  explores the absurdity and horror of consciousness as it tries and fails to seize and define everything that it encounters. A shifting, personal and decidedly imprecise taxonomy, the project might be thought of as an explanation of the world as if for (or by) a child, a psychotic or a Martian.

Sight is the Sense… is written and directed by Tim Etchells, leader of the UK’s celebrated experimental performance group Forced Entertainment. Etchells is also an acclaimed visual artist and his first novel - The Broken World – will be published by Heinemann, UK in July 2008. The text is performed by Jim Fletcher, the extraordinary New York-based actor who many people will know from his work with Richard Maxwell’s New York City Players and Elevator Repair Service.

Sight is the Sense that Dying People Tend to Lose First was commissioned by Tanzquartier, Vienna.

Text and Direction: Tim Etchells
Assistant Director: Pascale Petralia
Lighting Design: Nigel Edwards
Performance: Jim Fletcher

Tickets are £7.00 (£5.00 concessions). 

Tickets can be bought by card in advance from or 0114 279 8977 or in cash on the door on the evening of the performance, space permitting.

Tickets: From in advance or on the door on the night.


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