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Spectral Influence - Opening

Will Schrimshaw

28 Jan

Friday 28 Jan 5.50-8.00pm

Sound artist Will Schrimshaw is Access Space’s Artist in Residence throughout this month. His project, Spectral Influence, aims to explore the way in which the noises and lighting of the city we occupy influences our movements and emotional relations with urban space and the others we share this space with.

Urban environments constantly emit vibrational forces that affect the bodies of their occupants, whether these be auditory or electromagnetic forces, asserting a subliminal influence upon the movements, physiological and emotional states of citizens. In response to these diverse vibrational influences, a spectral mapping of the city is being carried out in relation to the human bodies that populate it and move throughout it. Spectral Influence aims to establish a speculative and roaming research environment through artistic practice and the use of ‘open source’ tools, insinuating itself into the city and charting the invisible yet influential components of the landscape.


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