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Transmission: PROVOCATION

Oliver Zwink

16 Feb

Lüster, 2006, by Oliver Zwink, installation view Camden Arts Centre, courtesy of the artist. Photo: Andy Keate

Wednesday 16 February 4-5.45pm

In SHU’s new series of Transmission lectures they will explore how art can provoke, activate, and antagonise the viewer, without referring to or employing well-known aesthetic and political strategies that seek to produce shocking and immediate affects. They will consider how the concept of provocation is at its most incisive when it is conceived as fluid and unfixed, and discussed and disputed outside the borders of the hoary discourse of the historical avant-garde. They are interested in a provocation in art that is determined by a broad range of factors, external to the physical properties of art.

Each week a member of the Fine Art staff will invite a guest speaker and chair the discussion. This wide-ranging series of talks will, through discussion with the audience, question the concept of provocation and its relation to art.

Guest: Oliver Zwink

Oliver Zwink’s drawings, collages, films, photographs, and installations approach the urban terrain by re-creating and simulating a work-process, in which randomness and planning, construction, and destruction generate complex imagery and fragile physical shapes. Influenced by Post Marxist/Situationist thinking, his work crosses between anti-utopian and poetic transformation; highlighting the interdependence of mental and architectural space. Since completing his MA at Goldsmiths College in 1998, Zwink has been based in Berlin. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally, including a solo exhibition at The Showroom, London (2000). Recent exhibitions include ‘City is forever, not me’, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London (2010), ‘Splendid View’, Universal Cube, Leipzig (2010) and Final disasters and beautiful forest landscapes, Galerie Meinblau, Berlin (2009). In addition, his work was presented in ‘Drawing On Space’, in The Project, Dublin (2002), ‘Animated Drawing’, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (2005), and ‘Archipeinture’, Le Plateau, Paris (2006).  Zwink is a Visiting Professor for Drawing at the Department of Applied Arts of the University of Applied Sciences, in Mainz, Germany.

Host:  TC McCormack

TC McCormack works both collaboratively and individually. His practice exhibits social, political, and behavioural attributes of place, referring to design to consider the architectonics of community. He is currently researching the phenomenon of resistance space and the possibility of language to delineate the relational affinities of forms, while acknowledging the shifting nature of subjectivity. Two current works, Beyond these things and Dumb Fixity are examples of a desire to measure abstract phenomena and the malleability of resistance space. His book Dumb Fixity, co-authored with Martin Ghent and Esther Leslie, was published by Artwords Press in 2010. He is currently pursuing the premise that things can speak, and is listening to what they [things] are trying to say.


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