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Transmission: PROVOCATION

Craig Fisher

26 Feb

Craig Fisher, Chopper 2007 in A Comedy of Errors at Artspace, Sydney

Wednesday 26 January

In SHU’s new series of Transmission lectures they will explore how art can provoke, activate, and antagonise the viewer, without referring to or employing well-known aesthetic and political strategies that seek to produce shocking and immediate affects. They will consider how the concept of provocation is at its most incisive when it is conceived as fluid and unfixed, and discussed and disputed outside the borders of the hoary discourse of the historical avant-garde. They are interested in a provocation in art that is determined by a broad range of factors, external to the physical properties of art.

Each week a member of the Fine Art staff will invite a guest speaker and chair the discussion. This wide-ranging series of talks will, through discussion with the audience, question the concept of provocation and its relation to art.

Guest: Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher makes large-scale sculptural installations using fabrics, questioning representations of violence and disaster. He is particularly interested in playing with boundaries, mixing techniques of art and craft, referring to both ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, and juxtaposing the pictorial with the sculptural as potential spaces of slippage, which allow for discoveries beyond confined fields of art production. Fisher has exhibited his work nationally and internationally including recent solo exhibitions Foolish Act, Viewpoint Gallery, Plymouth College of Art (2009) and Hazardous Materials, Millais Gallery, Southampton Solent University, Southampton (2008). Group exhibitions include ‘Nothing is Forever’, South London Gallery, London (2010), ‘Threadbare’, Rochester Art Gallery, Rochester (2010), ‘A Comedy of Errors’, Artspace, Sydney (2007) and ‘Ultrasonic International 1’, Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles (2006). Craig Fisher is a senior lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

Host: Gary Simmonds

Gary Simmonds is an artist based in London. His practice is concerned with abstract painting’s relation to domestic ornamentation and decoration. He makes paintings that flirt with formal abstraction, beauty, decoration and disorder. He has exhibited work both nationally and internationally, including solo shows at Laure Genillard, London, De March and Solbiati, Milan, and One in the Other, London. Group shows include: ‘Nothing is Forever’, South London Gallery, ‘Die Panke’ LoBe projects Berlin, ‘Fabric’, Abbot Hall, and his work was selected to be part of ‘unpicked and dismantled’ an exhibition representing the UK in the Textile ’07 Lithuania.


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