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Artist Talk: Dominic Smith - As above, so below

9 Oct

Saturday 9 October 2-4pm

Dominic Smith will be talking about the nature of free/open source practice amongst the arts. When artists choose to engage with FLOSS tools, development environments and processes there is the inevitable consequence that freedom and openness becomes reflected in their work. As artists engage with the microcosmos of openly accessible code we find that this exerts and influence upon macrocosmos of galleries, festivals and related groups. He will be investigating what factors are necessary for this parallel action, looking at examples and discussing the motivating factors for artists when engaging with this process.

Dominic Smith is co- founder of the Polytechnic in Newcastle, an organisation working with a hands-on, open and distributed approach to art & technology. He is working on a PhD in curating at CRUMB, University of Sunderland.


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