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Matthew de Kersaint Girardeau and Ross Jardine – Radio Anti: The Map is the Territory

Fri 10 Jul 2015 – Fri 10 Jul 2015 Bloc Projects (open Weds – Sat / 12pm – 6pm)

10 July 2015, 7-9pm

Radio Anti (Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau & Ross Jardine) present a newly commissioned live broadcast about indexical geography and 1:1 scale mapping. Drawing on the fiction of Jorge Luis Borges, Stephen Wright’s research into working at 1:1 scale and Keller Easterling’s work into infrastructure, Radio Anti present an evening of talks, performances and music from the Bloc Projects gallery.

The event extends de Kersaint Giraudeau and Jardine’s interest in how places are understood through mapping, how mapping might be a kind of place making, and what new index points could be used to orientate ourselves within landscapes that create, and are contingent upon, infrastructures that are in and out of sight.

Structured as a number of short presentations, performances and talks by a range of invited speakers, the event will include a number of  breaks with the opportunity for drinks and conversation with the artists and speakers and guests in the adjacent courtyard. Guests are invited to watch individual segments or stay for the full broadcast.

The event will feature:

  • Lt Col Laurence Quinn, former Senior Infrastructure Officer for the British Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Pre-recorded.

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau creates sculptures, drawings, performances and films. His work addresses abject materials, negative affective states, and the ambiguities of language and objects. Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau was an Associate of Open School East, 2013-2014. He runs The Bad Vibes Club, which is a research project into Morbid Ethics, writes a blog about art and ideas at ashortdescriptionofmypoo and collaborates with Ben Jeans Houghton as the ARKA group. He lives and works in London and is represented by Space in Between.

Ross Jardine was born in Epsom. He uses a research-based approach to examine the relationship between landscape and individual/collective action. Outcomes are often presented as performative actions recorded by photographs and videos. Recent exhibitions include: Heritage is a Bogus History, And/Or Gallery; Platform: In the Making, Site Gallery; and Les Télévisions, French Riviera Gallery.

Find out more about Radio Anti here http://radioanti.co.uk/.