Various Venues

25 Apr - 4 May 2009
Open Up is an annual event taking place in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, where artists all over the city and region open their doors to the public. ..more

Sheffield Independent Film

Flat-e, Mira Calix, Dave Sheppard
30 Apr
Music and film installation, on a 360° screen with surround sound, by Sheffield’s own Flat-e, Warp’s Mira Calix and Dave Sheppard. Commissioned by Streetwise Opera. ..more


Universal Everything
25 Apr
Sensoria has brought together the underwater music experience that is Wet Sounds with a special selection of visuals from Universal Everything’s Advanced Beauty (as featured at Lovebytes fest) to create a unique experience that is a treat for the ear and eye. Presented in association with Onedotzero. ..more


New work by Daniel Hall
23 Apr - 29 Apr 2009
An exhibition of new work by artist and architect Daniel Hall. His work explores transient landforms, layering and exposure whilst his inspiration is sited within moments of turbulence in both the natural and urban environment. ..more

In the Artist's Studio

Stephen Carley
25 Apr - 26 Apr 2009
Over the coming year artist Stephen Carley’s studio will be the context for a variety of monthly exhibitions or ‘visual trials’. Sometimes existing artifacts will be exhibited, or the space adapted or changed in some way or used for collaborative ventures. ..more

Clock Tower Gallery

Warren Hayes, Jonathan Wilkinson, Sean Williams
6 Apr - 13 May 2009
Between here... and here is an exhibition by three Sheffield-based artists whose work capable of evoking strong thoughts and feelings, and the artists have attempted to make artwork that generates similar or new feelings. ..more

Encounters Shop

Ta(l)king Place
7 Apr
Join Ta(l)king Place for the third in a series of open sessions inviting networking and discussion around the intersections of contemporary art, architecture and community action. This month's event explores technology as a potential barrier to or enabler of participation, with presentations from Tony Broomhead and James Wallbank. ..more

SIAD Gallery

Transfixed Motion / Transitory Still
3 Apr - 18 Apr 2009
The two notions of stillness and movement, and how these can powerfully conflict, contradict or compliment each other, are the premise of Transfixed Motion | Transitory Still. This exhibition, curated by Esther Johnson and David Williams, brings together a diverse group of 22 UK-based artists whose work reflects the ... ..more

Various venues

25 Apr
A bit of culture for those who fancy trying something a bit different on a Saturday afternoon. Join Sheffield based artist Lesley Guy as she takes you round a selection of galleries and studios in Sheffield, and shares insights into the work exhibited. The tour will start at the Millennium ... ..more

SIAD gallery

2 Apr
Sheffield Hallam's Fine Art Degree Show 2009 will hold a fundraising auction of t-shirts, customised by local, national and international contemporary artists. Bid on limited edition t-shirts from both established artists and artists emerging as names for the future. Hosted by Sharon Kivland. ..more

Yorkshire ArtSpace: Persistence Works

25 Apr - 26 Apr 2009
Yorkshire ArtSpace: Persistence Works will be taking part in the annual event, when artists and makers once more open their studio doors to the public, involving all kinds of artists and makers across the city and beyond into South Yorkshire. ..more

Encounters Shop

24 Mar - 5 Apr 2009
Encounters take up residence in disused shops working with local people and visitors to create multi authored artworks exploring themes of people, place and community. ..more

Access Space

Trevor Tomlin
28 Mar - 6 May 2009
Trevor Tomlin's first solo show integrates the main themes in his art practice, particularly how place informs identity and possessions reflect our personalities. ..more

Site Gallery

Jörg Heiser
2 Apr
Jörg Heiser, co-editor of Frieze and curator of the international touring exhibition ‘Romantic Conceptualism’ will talk about Guido van der Werve’s work in relation to the notion of romantic conceptualism – the idea that a number of artists are working in ways whereby the rigidity and rationality of conceptual structures ... ..more

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Forced Entertainment
4 Apr
Spectacular is a new performance from Forced Entertainment adding to their unique body of work and following recent acclaimed shows The World in Pictures, Exquisite Pain and Bloody Mess. ..more

Persistence Works’ Meeting Room

Robert Casselton Clark
2 Apr
Yorkshire ArtSpace current artist in residence Robert Casselton Clark will be revealing his ideas and work developed during his residency so far. Spaces are limited - to secure your place please RSVP to Mir on ..more

S1 Artspace

23 Apr
The next S1 Members & Associates exhibition is curated by Thom O’Nions and Haroon Mirza and will be the first in a series of shows addressing the problem of sound spill in group exhibitions. ..more

S1 Artspace

Nina Canell, Torsten Lauschmann, Guy Sherwin, Richard Sides
24 Apr - 9 May 2009
The next S1 Members & Associates exhibition is curated by Thom O’Nions and Haroon Mirza and will be the first in a series of shows addressing the problem of sound spill in group exhibitions. ..more

Yorkshire ArtSpace: Persistence Works

16 Mar - 26 Apr 2009
An exhibition by Armelle Skatulski, Claudia Firth, Darren Flint, Eduardo Padilha and Tamsin Snow. The artists make up Reworking, an artistic collective who have grown out of the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths University of London. The group are interested in the concept of work and its significance in today’s ... ..more

Museums Sheffield: Millennium Gallery

Suky Best
15 Jan - 8 Apr 2009
Museums Sheffield with Lovebytes presents The Return of the Native, shown on the Millennium Gallery plasma screens. Artist Suky Best highlights the gradual disappearance of once hitherto common types of wildlife from their former habitats across the UK. ..more

Graves Gallery

18 Feb - 2 May 2009
How we define ourselves in the age of the individual is the theme of this contemporary art exhibition, which features work from leading British artists including Grayson Perry, Gillian Wearing and Mona Hatoum. A Picture of You? is part of The Great British Art Debate, a four year collaboration with ... ..more

Clock Tower Gallery

Lorraine Kay
23 Feb - 2 Apr 2009
Sponsored by the Hallamshire Physiotherapy group,'Pain'tings' is a personal documentary which explores how the creative focus can help deal with painful and debilitating health problems, resulting in improvements in both physical and emotional well-being, including a reduced dependency on medication. ..more

Museums Sheffield: Graves Gallery

Seiko Kinoshita
24 Nov - 23 Nov 2009
24th Nov 2007 - 23rd Nov 2009. A new piece of sculptural art by Sheffield based Japanese artist Seiko Kinoshita, who was commissioned to create this large scale piece of work comprising 580 blue birds made from paper yarn. Blue Bird has been commissioned for the stairwell that links the ... ..more

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