Musuems Sheffield: Graves Gallery

10 Nov - 14 Mar 2009
Three contemporary artworks from Tate are now on display in the Graves, courtesy of the ongoing Visual Dialogues project. Self Portrait as a Businessman, by Pawel Althamer, Butterfly Catchers, by Hannah Starkey and Boats by Bethan Huws, all make connections with existing works in Sheffield’s collection. ..more

Persistence Works: Yorkshire ArtSpace Society

Clinton de Menezes
26 Jan - 6 Mar 2009
New work by Clinton de Menezes, which is the artist's first solo show in the UK since emigrating from South Africa a year and a half ago. The artist has taken as his starting point the idea of ‘Probe’ as a critical or exploratory investigation, expedition or device designed to ... ..more

Access Space

Mike Howe
17 Jan - 12 Mar 2009
Mandalas are found among the most ancient art forms - it is thought that they expressed an awe of the natural world and natural cycles. Using the familiar circular form of the mandala, Mike Howe has created a series of detailed and intriguing textures and designs, manipulating photographs of ... ..more

Sheffield Town Hall

Trish O’Shea & Katie Davies
6 Feb - 20 Feb 2009
An exhibition and screening of new work by Trish O’Shea and Katie Davies, artists in residence at Sheffield’s Old Town Hall between July and December 2008. Through their work, Trish O’Shea explores the experiences of other people in relation to the places they occupy, and Katie Davies focuses on the ... ..more

Access Space

Kate Vale & James Wallbank
15 Nov - 12 Mar 2009
The Objective Room is a site specific installation created for Access Space, inspired by a room described in one of C.S. Lewis's theological science fiction novels. ..more

Museums Sheffield: Millennium Gallery

Suky Best
15 Jan - 8 Apr 2009
Museums Sheffield with Lovebytes presents The Return of the Native, shown on the Millennium Gallery plasma screens. Artist Suky Best highlights the gradual disappearance of once hitherto common types of wildlife from their former habitats across the UK. ..more

Museums Sheffield: Millennium Gallery

Claire Morgan
18 Oct - 8 Mar 2009
An installation depicting the graceful flight and subsequent fall of a bird through clusters of privet leaves, continuing Morgan’s exploration of our relationship with the natural world. ..more

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