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Prism is a new programme of contemporary art events commissioned by The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield. Taking place after Sheffield Hallam University’s Transmission lectures, it aims to take on the themes discussed and expand them into an evening of new commissioned work. Submissions will be taken from both established artists and promising Hallam students, who will receive a portion of Prism’s proceeds to help finance their 2009 Degree Show. Each event will focus on audio, video, performative and interactive works and will also feature live music. Over the course of the programme work will be exhibited in The Showroom Café, Cinema 1, the adjoining light well and the nearby Workstation foyer and upper level. A prism splits a beam of light, expanding its scope and exposing the spectrum it contains. Based in the centre of the cultural industries quarter, Prism will encourage a similar process. Engaging with the area it inhabits, the programme aims to create social evenings in which creative communities can converse around the spectrum of artistic interest.

If you are interested in submitting Work for PRISM, please contact Darren Chouings at


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