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Paul Rooney and Susan Philipsz
Let Us Take You There
until - 31 January

This exhibition brings together artists Susan Philips and Paul Rooney whose work has a shared interest in the way sound, particularly popular songs, can be a trigger for memory. Rooney and Philipsz have both been commissioned to produce a new work for the exhibition which is shown alongside earlier sound and image based works.
In Paul Rooney’s new piece a lone female singer sings a song, based on 'Sound of the Crowd' by The Human League over an image of the view out of the Sheffield branch of Bradford and Bingley Building Society which is where the entrance to The Crazy Daisy club used to be, the spot where Jo and Susanne of the Human League were 'discovered' by Phil Oakey. The work extends Rooney’s interest in the social and personal aspects of popular entertainment.
Philipsz similar interest in popular music has become a source of inspiration for her work in which she picks out thematic motifs from songs and recreates them, opening them up to new interpretations. Included is a sound piece of Philipsz playing the chimes, reminiscent of those heard in Joy Division's, ‘Atmosphere’.

Millennium Galleries

Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller: Recent Works
11 February - 18 April 2004

The first large scale contemporary art exhibition at the Millennium Galleries by one of the most significant current artistic pairings. The exhibition shows some of their recent works including the acclaimed sound installation Forty Part Motet and film sequence Berlin Files.
Forty Part Motet is a sound installation which uses 40 speakers to project individual voices from a choir so that the visitor experiences different combinations and harmonies as they progress through the work, breaking down a complex musical structure to its individual elements. The result is virtual architecture of pure sound. The piece is a reworking of "Spem in Alium" written by Thomas Tallis, a 16th-century English composer, to mark the fortieth birthday of Queen Elizabeth I.
The Berlin Files is a series of film sequences which echoes the disjointed space and time of dreams. Images of a woman, a frozen landscape or a run-down night club appear, accompanied by a voiceover which hints at narratives of search, danger and loss, and a suspenseful soundtrack. Images are used to trigger emotions, while three-dimensional sound seeps beyond the film to merge its reality with our own.
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S1 Artspace

Repartee shows seven new artists working collaboratively to production a series of three exhibitions that open a discussion. Please contact S1 Artspace to confirm opening dates and times.


17th-27th January 2004: Archipelago

Ryan Mosley and Ben Pettican explore randomness and absurdity through an impulsive explosion of images. Their interest lies in creating a discussion through a creative curatorial process, developing the bonds and separations of images present in their work.


31st January- 10th February 2004: The Left Hand Side

Jim Prevett and Dan Matthews have come together to explore the possible sinister underside to their practice. The Absence of light begins the duel inquiry into darkness.

Haunted Media
7 February - 20 March 2004

An exhibition of electronic media artworks examining the association of new media with supernatural phenomena. From the invention of the telegraph, radio and the introduction of television and computers - new media has consistently been associated with paranormal or spiritual phenomena.
Artists are exploring the idea of the ghost in the machine in works such as Susan Hiller’s seminal installation Belshazzar's Feast which relates in part to reports of the appearance of foreign beings seen on television screens after station close-down; Thomson & Craighead’s Obituary which explores the electronic ether as a space of overlap between technology and the spiritual and E-Poltergeist which is an intervention in a web browser which starts to misbehave, giving the feeling of a ghost in the machine. Susan Collins’ Spectrascope references parapsychological research and attempts to find this ghost in the machine by means of a pixel by pixel live internet link up to a haunted house; Scanner’s sound piece refers to the Electronic Voice Phenomenon of spectral voices in recordings of empty locations and presents a sound piece created from field recordings from spaces with ghostly associations. S Mark Gubb investigates backwards messages in records and plots connections with contemporaneous events. Lindsay Seers 'then there were three' is based on the possible traumatic, psychological effect the invention of television had on the dummy that John Logie Baird used in his first TV transmission and Patrick Ward presents filmic moments in which TV screens are overtaken by static signalling a communicating other.


S1 artspace - Repartee
14th-24th February 2004: Drawn from the Body
Heidi Schaefer, Christina Wade and Helen de Main all engage with their own bodies in their practice and create an exhibition that explores different perceptions of the body through the combination of images and collaborative work.

BLOC Space
14-29 Feb: Bloc Space

A sense of place
Michael Prince & Christiane Thalmann
The two Sheffield based artists Michael Prince and Christiane Thalmann have been working with photography, video, sound, painting, text and installation. This collaborative exhibition draws their work together exploring notions of
belonging and displacement.
Tony Kemplen
Snap Crackle and Pop
Open to the public 6th-28th March Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm
An exploration in sound and image of the properties of air cellular cushioning materials (that’s bubble wrap to you and me!). Bubble wrap is favoured the world over as a low tech aid to stress relief, you can even get virtual bubble wrap to use on your pocket PC. A range of noises, gently coaxed out of the product, form the seeds of this multi-channel sound installation.

Pleasant Land Online
Third Angel
It began with the Census. There wasn't a 'Scottish', 'Welsh' or 'English' box to tick. Only 'British' or 'Irish'. We realised that when we were abroad, we would say we were from England, but at home, we always said British. We began to wonder why. We wondered if we could see England from another point of view. We wondered what England means to you. We wondered if we could have our minds changed. And that is where you come in. Visit to contribute to the research, and to receive a monthly e-postcard from our travels, until March 2004.

BLOOM04 will be held between 3rd and 11th April 2004 at a range of community and other venues.
Netherthorpe, Upperthorpe and Langsett are host to the annual Community Arts Festival, BLOOM04 organised by the Garden Rooms. This festival is constantly surprising with its diverse content, including the exploration and development of what is called 'Community Art': involving, interacting and animating the imaginations of the local residents and visitors. There is a dynamic exchange where you can experience the idea of returning art to
everyday life.
Further details to follow or for more information contact the Garden Rooms on 0114 275 0338.