Transmission Talks 2012: AGENCY (Labour, Work, Action)

From October 2012 to March 2013 Sheffield Hallam’s Fine Art Transmission Lecture Series will be a discursive platform to address the theme of AGENCY (Labour, Work, Action),  developed in collaboration with Art Sheffield 2013.

The economic value of work, labour and art have been much discussed throughout the last three centuries and have been critical drivers in the thinking around Art Sheffield festivals over the last decade. The last four years have accelerated new interests in these discussions as a restructuring of international financial interests intersects with communities lived experience across the globe.

Sheffield is not unique, nor is it the same as anywhere else. People, place, and history in relation to shifting economic values remains a central interest for the curatorial team developing Art Sheffield and the collaboration with the Transmission Lecture Series is a marrying of concerns and conversations in our developing understanding of work and labour.

23rd October:
Guest: Megan Cotts
Host: Alison J Carr

30th October:
Guest: Francesco Finizio
Host: Sharon Kivland

13th November:
Guest: Arnaud Desjardin
Host: Chloë Brown

20th November:
Guest: Armin Chodinski
Host: Jaspar Joseph-Lester

27th November:
Guest: Pavel Büchler
Host: Hester Reeve

4th December:
Guest: Mikhail Karikis
Host: Laura Sillars