Transmission: AGENCY (Labour, Work, Action)

Transmission: AGENCY (Labour, Work, Action)
Guest: Armin Chodinski Host: Jaspar Joseph-Lester
20 NOV 4 - 6pm
Sheffield Hallam University

From October 2012 to March 2013 Sheffield Hallam’s Fine Art Transmission Lecture Series will be a discursive platform to address the theme of AGENCY (Labour, Work, Action), developed in collaboration with Art Sheffield 2013. Each session will be hosted by an artist currently teaching in Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University, or a member of the Art Sheffield consortium.


Armin Chodzinski is an artist based in Hamburg and Luzern. He has worked in the fields of management and consulting. He received his doctorate in the field of anthropogeography. His work deals with the relation between art and economy, which is, as he states, distilled in urban space. Self- experiment is his method of approach, which is articulated in performance lectures, exhibitions, lectureships, and consulting projects.


All Transmission talks are free to attend

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