Gravity Lectures: Robert Clark

Gravity Lectures: Robert Clark
Guest: Robert Clark Chair: Penny McCarthy
21 FEB 4 - 6PM
Sheffield Hallam University

Robert Clark, is an artist who has had a studio with Yorkshire Artspace since the 1980s.  His sculptural characters  in “The Who Of The I”  were constructed by Casselton Clark and were conceived as being the supportive phantom friends of various individual fictional and factual artists as they go about their daily creative struggle and play in their studio. A make-believe artist likes to imagine how his experiences might picture themselves in his absence,’ wrote Casselton Clark in his introduction to The Nether Edge Story (2002). Clark’s practice tackles a world, created with vulnerability and imagination. His work can be read as a meditation on some of the central themes of philosophy, of art-making, and on the colonization and ownership of the world of ideas. It runs parallel to his prominent writing practice, as a regular contributor to many publications such as The Guardian.

Lecture Free
Venue: Pennine Lecture Theatre

Each year GRAVITY invites guests to discuss themes such as Beauty (2010), Colour (2011-12) and Atmosphere (running currently) in order to unpick and re-evaluate words still used by artists but rejected by contemporary theorists for both mystifying the creative process and foregrounding the artist. Guests begin their lecture by discussing an object that has creative, intellectual or emotional significance for them. Each object is added to our Object Inventory, becoming the catalyst for a strand of research that extends the Duchampian paradigm.

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