Art Sheffield Festival

Art Sheffield initiates and organises citywide events. To date these have included:

Artlink in October 2001
Linked the programmes of the gallery spaces in Sheffield by means of a joint promotional campaign and a free bus route between venues

Art Sheffield 03
Art in Sheffield 03 in March/April 2003, which was a multi-venue festival of contemporary art, involving over 55 artists in 16 venues and drew an audience of 39,000

Art Sheffield05: Spectator T
Spectator T took place in November 2005, and was a high profile citywide festival involving 12 new commissions and work by 41 established and emerging artists which drew a total of 48,446 visits.

Art Sheffield 08: Yes, No & Other Options
Yes, No & Other Options involved 38 artists, 15 of which created new commissions. This took place in February/March 2008 and attracted over 150,000 visits.

Art Sheffield 2010 – Life: A User’s Manual
Our most recent citywide event took place in six venues across the city from 6 March until 1 May 2010.