Edgar Arceneaux

A Time to Break Silence, 2013

Exhibiting 04 October – 14 December at CADS

On April 4th 1967, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. made the last monumental speech of his career opposing the war in Vietnam. He linked the struggle for civil liberty of the poor in America, regardless of race, with the nationwide protests for peace and the ending of the Vietnam War. Exactly one year later, King was assassinated. Two days after the murder, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey premiered in Washington DC, chronicling the tool-weapon dynamic of technology as an inseparable part of the evolution of mankind. A Time to Break Silence, is a new commission by Edgar Arceneaux in collaboration with techno music founders Underground Resistance. The work insists that disparate events are fundamentally connected, from the rise of the machine, artificial intelligence, labour rights, and the development of technology, to the civil rights movement. Filmed in an abandoned Detroit church, mirroring the site where King first gave the speech, the film is a sci-fi surrealistic soundscape, echoing the structure of the Catholic Mass.

Edgar Arceneaux is an LA-based artist and co-founder of the Watts Tower project. His work featured in the Whitney Biennial 2008 and has been included in exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Orange County Museum of Art; The Kitchen, New York and Museum Ludgwig, Germany.

A Time to Break Silence is his first UK commission.

  • Edgar Arceneaux Guide Image FINAL 23 Sept A Time to Break Silence, 2013. Location shot.