Richard Sides
121 Eyre Street

121 Eyre Street,
S1 4QZ

Tues – Sun, 12–5pm

Richard Sides’ installation, INFINITE WAR, at a former industrial building on Eyre Street combines moving image, sculpture and sound to take the form of a time-based, expanded collage. Leading the audience from the building’s entrance through a number of corridors and into a three-storey warehouse space, Sides’ new work invites us to inhabit an environment in which notions of agency, morality and affect within contemporary media are deconstructed and subverted.

The exhibition continues his use of appropriated media imagery, including photojournalism and footage from television advertisements, and for the first time incorporates new footage featuring actors filmed and directed by the artist. Approaching his materials with a dark humour, Sides combines them with ephemera from his ever expanding archive of ‘stuff’ – texts, video, photographs, clippings, animations, music, paintings, lighting apparatus and kinetic sculptures – to explore the politics of material and intellectual value. Sides’ installation is a new commission for Art Sheffield 2016.

Richard Sides (born 1985, Rotherham, UK) currently lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include: INVISIBLE WORLD Carlos /Ishikawa, London (2016); Liste, Basel (2015); Lisson Gallery, London (2015); The Mechanical Garden…, The Woodmill (2014); Kunsthalle Winterthur, (2014); Frieze New York (2014); To Clear the Bush From Your Garden, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (2013); the omega point just ate his brains…, Carlos / Ishikawa, London (2013); Music made by computers for star systems, Ravenna Planetarium, Italy (2013); Kill the Gibson, Zabludowicz Collection, London, (2013). Sides also co-organises The Woodmill collective and runs the record label BUS.

The Mechanical Garden and Other Long Encores (with Ben Burgis, Stuart Middleton & Naomi Pearce), 2014. Photo: Michael Heilgemeir / The Woodmill.