TARR: Artists Reading Fiction

Sat 05 October
18:00 – 19:30

Tamper Seller’s Wheel

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TARR is an event that brings together a small selection of strong examples from a currently developing tendency in the world of contemporary art; artists and other art world professionals, curators and critics, are writing literary fiction.

The title is borrowed from a 1918 novel about the lives of artists in pre-war Paris written by the painter Wyndham Lewis, a rare precedent for this now growing phenomenon.

For this event an audience will join six writers with art world backgrounds – Simon Bill, Tom Morton, Tim Etchells, Sally O’Reilly, Katrina Palmer and Fergal Stapleton – to hear them read short extracts from their works of fiction, either published or in progress.

There will follow an informal discussion, involving participants and audience members, in which they are invited to speculate about the reasons for this move towards an established creative form outside the world of visual art – could it perhaps be to do with the challenges offered by the democratic accessibility of published mainstream fiction?