The Grantchester Pottery

Bloc Projects billboards & archways, Shoreham Street

Exhibiting 03 October – 14 December at Bloc Projects

The Grantchester Pottery is a decorative arts company set up by artists Phil Root & Giles Round. The project draws historical precedent from Roger Fry’s Omega Workshops and associated studio groups, which aimed to unite the decorative and fine arts and create a new way for artists to work together, through employing a collective output rather than individual efforts. The company produces utilitarian ceramics and decorative household items such as printed and woven textiles, wallpaper, painted furniture and hand painted murals. Like those produced in the Omega Workshops, the works produced by The Grantchester Pottery are unattributed and simply embossed with the GP emblem. Their name references the history of the idyllic rural village of Grantchester where from 1909-1914, noted poets, thinkers and writers such as Ludwig Wittgenstein, EM Forster and Virginia Woolf met to share ideas.

The influence of other artists, designers and cultural phenomena are often made explicit in the presentation of the works, particularly in wall based compositions which incorporate found images and ephemera. The publicly situated works by the Grantchester Pottery for Art Sheffield 2013 continues this approach, combining archive posters with digitally re-produced hand painted collages designed specifically for the city at two locations; the Bloc Projects billboards on Sylvester Street, and the archways on the old tramdepot arches of Shoreham Street.

Established in early 2011, The Grantchester Pottery produce a wide range of domestic products and interior design themes for various living spaces. Recent exhibitions and presentations include The Grantchester Pottery: Artist Decorators, ICA, London (2013); Decor, Rowing, London (2012); and Grantchester Ices, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (2012).

  • ART SHEFFIELD PATTERN Art Sheffield Pattern. The Grantchester Photographic Society