Ryan Mosley

Exhibiting 03 October – 14 December at S1 Artspace

Ryan Mosley’s large-scale paintings imbue a sense of the familiar in an otherwise unfamiliar vision of the world. Through composition, colour, character and motif, Mosley draws from a rich history of notable great painters to create enigmatic compositions where past and present merge.

Although resolutely contemporary, traces of Degas, Titian and Toulouse-Lautrec can be seen in Mosley’s paintings that present a decisively darker vision of our time. Crossing cultures while suggesting specific tales, his paintings pull together predominantly male characters inspired by folk law, the Wild West and the South Seas. Shadowy figures appear to perform in scenes that subtly portray distinctions of class, gender and authority through rituals, gestures and stance. Obscure and enigmatic, theatrical and somewhat absurd, Mosley’s paintings chime with the world in which we live, confusing our sense of what is now and more poignantly what is to come.

Ryan Mosley was born in Chesterfield, UK. He studied Drawing and Painting at the University of Huddersfield (2003) and Painting at the Royal College of Art, London (2007). His work has been shown at Eigen + Art, Berlin; Alison Jacques Gallery, London; Royal Academy of Arts, London; Saatchi Gallery, London and The Hermitage, Russia. Mosley currently lives and works in Sheffield and London.

  • Ryan Mosley_ Dance of the Nobleman Dance of the Nobleman, 2010-201. Courtesy Private Collection, UK and Alison Jacques Gallery, London