Oliver Ressler

The Plundering

Exhibiting 04 October – 14 December at Bloc Projects

Oliver Ressler is an artist and filmmaker concerned with economic, political and environmental issues, particularly forms of resistance and alternatives to western capitalism. New film commission The Plundering (2013) tells the story of disillusionment following the 2003 Rose Revolution in post-soviet Georgia and the subsequent implementation of neoliberal policy across the country.

The Rose Revolution, which saw former communist and the last foreign secretary of the Soviet Union Eduard Shevardnadze ousted from power as Georgian President, was portrayed as offering new hope to the impoverished Caucasian republic and heralded the country’s opening up to Western investment. Now ranked 9th of 185 economies by the World Bank for ‘ease of doing business’, the country has experienced increasing levels of poverty. The Plundering documents the impact of the privatisation of both a municipal water system and a popular market on the citizens of the city of Tbilisi.

The Plundering is co-produced by Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz, Austria and Art Sheffield 2013.

  • The_Plundering_57 The Plundering, 2013. Film still.
  • The_Plundering_34 The Plundering, 2013. Film still.
  • The_Plundering_37 The Plundering, 2013. Film still.