Katja Strunz

Exhibiting 03 October – 14 December at S1 Artspace

Katja Strunz’ sculptural works reverberate the past as they bear traces of lived experience; a past that has informed and shaped their present being. Concerned with the resonances of history and time passing—what the artist terms ‘aftermath’—Katja Strunz creates sculptures from found and recycled materials that attempt to capture a moment in time; a present moment so inextricably linked to its past that it will undoubtedly shape its future.

Redundant clock faces salvaged from a seemingly more affluent and buoyant time feature regularly in Strunz’ work. Yet stripped of their primary function of marking the passage of time, these objects fall short in their attempt to halt time as their faded and decaying surfaces continue to erode and confront their own inevitable demise.

Although Strunz constructs sculptures in a manner that makes reference to Minimalism, she rejects the precise finish duly associated in favour of a more immediate handmade presence. In her wall-based relief sculpture, Fall Into Space (2007), dented and weatherworn sheet metal cubes appear suspended midperformance as they cascade from ceiling to floor. Retreating from the forward-thinking optimism of her constructivist predecessors, Strunz’ work suggests a complex and uncertain position as what she unearths bears signs of the grave.

Born in Ottweiler, Germany, Katja Strunz lives and works in Berlin. Her work has been presented in numerous group and solo exhibitions including the Sao Paolo Biennale, Brazil (2012); Camden Arts Centre, London (2010) and the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, USA (2008).

Strunz’ work is presented courtesy of Zabludowicz Collection; Galerie Almine Rech, Paris; and Modern Institute, Glasgow.

  • Katja Strunz 8.tif Fall Into Space, 2007. Zabludowicz Collection, and Galerie Almine Rech, Paris. Photo: Matthias Kolb