Elena Bajo

Exhibiting 03 October – 14 December at S1 Artspace

Elena Bajo describes her practice as concept generated and research-based. She develops her work through engagement with a given context, often drawing from events, texts and cultural phenomena of social and political significance. From Illusion, Delusion, Allusion (Studies for a Movement at 66 RPM) The Order of Anarchy (2011), in which three dancers perform sequences generated through an interpretation of an anarchist manifesto, to Reconstructing the Common (2012), a series of sculptural works created from glass factory rejects and scrapped aluminium frames, Bajo’s works often develop with elements of improvisation, chance and the translation of ideas across art forms by dancers, musicians and other creative practitioners.

Aesthetically formal, Bajo’s sculptural and two dimensional works appear as props or remnants of a previously undertaken process or activity, containing traces of the labour employed in their production. Her new work, created for Art Sheffield 2013, has developed through an interest in the city’s industrial past and present, and the changing ideas and meanings attached to time and making evoked in its transition throughout the 20th Century. Bajo brings together object and material fragments that subtly reference a complex set of conditions and social relations.

Elena Bajo lives and works in Los Angeles and Berlin. She has exhibited at Marlborough Contemporary, London (2013); Liste 17, Basel, (2012) and Performa 11 Biennial, New York (2011). Recent solo shows include La Femme Radicale or The Point of No Return, D+T Project, Brussels (2013) and The Factory of Forms, Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (2012).

  • Elena_Bajo_Platform3_2012_2_HD We don't Need to Destroy the Past from The Absence of Work, 2012. Photo: PLATFORM 3, Munich