The Sheffield Pavilion 2009

The Sheffield Pavilion 2009

images (from left to right): Stills from: The Hyperborean, Chloë Brown; Adhãn, Haroon Mirza; Acrospire, Paul Morrison.

Presenting work by Sheffield-based artists at the 11th Istanbul Biennial

Press release Sept 2009 

Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum presents The Sheffield Pavilion 2009, a screening programme and limited edition DVD of specially commissioned and existing video works by eleven Sheffield-based artists. 

The Sheffield Pavilion 2009 will be screened and distributed during the opening days of the 11th Istanbul Biennial at Büyük Londra Hotel, presenting the work of Sheffield-based artists and promoting contemporary art activity taking place in Sheffield, UK in an international context. It features an essay by artist / curator Ian White and is designed by renowned Sheffield-based design firm The Designers Republic. Following the launch and screening in Istanbul, The Sheffield Pavilion 2009 will tour to UK and international venues. 

This is the second Sheffield Pavilion, the first having taken the form of a book presenting new work by ten Sheffield-based artists, which was launched at the Venice Biennale and distributed at Documenta and Munster during the ‘grand tour’ of coinciding art events in 2007. (Click here for more information about The Sheffield Pavilion 2007)

The construct of the ‘Pavilion’ (a temporary structure used for leisure, entertainment or exhibition) has again been used to structure the project and the artists’ contributions. A nomadic pavilion is easy to pack up and move on to further seek its audience and it can respond to the migratory movements of the art world with equal levels of critique and complicity. 

Artists: Richard Bartle, Chloë Brown, Katie Davies, Hondartza Fraga, Steve Hawley, Esther Johnson, Tony Kemplen, Haroon Mirza, Paul Morrison, No Fixed Abode and Third Angel. 

The works span from considerations of the possible future of a quarry for a notional property development (No Fixed Abode) to the peculiar phenomena of the English model village (Steve Hawley); from the contradictory status of music in the Islamic faith (Haroon Mirza) to the complex citizenship ceremonies instigated by British municipal councils (Katie Davies). They include a presentation of overlaid images of each world leader during George W Bush’s tenure in the White House (where the dictatorships have static, clear images and heads of democratic states are overlaid like palimpsest) (Richard Bartle), an exploration of the architecture of a car park in relation to Coleridge’s stately pleasure dome in Kubla Khan (Tony Kemplen) and a unique portrait of Sheffield’s (in)famous Park Hill estate, created during an eclipse period between clearance and reinvention (Esther Johnson). Other works feature flawed footage of Saturn reedited (Hondartza Fraga), a description of the world from space if all you could see of it were the series of images carried on the Voyager satellites (Third Angel), an alien landscape of eternal midnight sunshine on the edge of the arctic circle (Chloë Brown) and a re-presentation of landscape through modified fragments of atmospheric imagery (Paul Morrison). 

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The Sheffield Pavilion 2009 is a screening programme and a limited edition DVD, launched at the 11th Istanbul Biennial 2009, with a UK tour to follow (to be announced soon). 

Istanbul Launch and screening times:
Screened and distributed at the 11th Istanbul Biennial 2009 
Screenings: 10 – 13 September 12 – 6pm Launch: Saturday 12 September 8pm onwards Büyük Hotel Londra, Mesrutiyet Caddesi 117, Beyoglu, Istanbul 


The Sheffield Pavilion is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

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