Session 3 (Friday 29 February):
On the Circulation of Artistic Labour: Performing the local and distributing the International and vice versa.
(Breakout session with Jeanine Griffin and Katy Woods)

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Duration: 31 mins

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Jeanine Griffin (programme director at SCAF) and Katy Woods - AS08 & Sheffield Pavilion – supporting and presenting local artists in international contexts

Jeanine Griffin is Curator/Projects Manager at Site Gallery and Manager of Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum and the artistic programme of the ART SHEFFIELD 08 festival.  She ran the ART SHEFFIELD 03 and 05 festivals as well as ART SHEFFIELD 08: Yes, No & Other Options. She recently edited and managed The Sheffield Pavilion and co-edited (with Steve Dutton) an AN magazine research paper on Biennials and City-wide Events.

Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum (SCAF) is a not-for-profit company working to further the presence and awareness of contemporary art in Sheffield through joint programming, audience development and profile raising activities.  The directors of the company are representatives of BLOC studios, Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust, Sheffield Hallam University, Site Gallery, S1 Project, Yorkshire ArtSpace Society and independent artists.

Sheffield Pavilion (Summer 2007) was a project designed to take advantage of a harmonic convergence of super exhibitions – the Venice Biennale, Documenta XII and Skulptur Projekte Münster. This nexus of projects falling together(an event which only occurs once every 10 years) offered a unique opportunity to symbiotically present the work of Sheffield based artists and promote the contemporary art activity taking place in Sheffield in an international context. Therefore, the aim for this project was that it would act for a portal to contemporary art in Sheffield, representing artist’ work, practice and methodology as a vital part of the city and making Sheffield-based artists more visible to an international network.

Katy Woods

Katy Woods graduated from the MA in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University in 2006. She has exhibited in national and international groups shows and screenings and is taking part in the LUX Associate Artists Programme, London. Her work looks at slippages, blips, ruptures and gaps in the seamless flow of everyday life, considering imagery, places and occurrences that are easily passed by, invisible, unnoticed, overlooked or quickly forgotten. She was invited to take part in both The Sheffield Pavilion and Art Sheffield 08 and her newly commissioned work 'Sailing Dinghy Hawk 20 Passing Lookout on Passage from Gull Rock Towards Falmouth, Gull Rock is Starting to Disappear in the Mist' will be shown at Sylvester Space.

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