Session 3 (Friday 29 February):
On the Circulation of Artistic Labour: Performing the local and distributing the International and vice versa. Breakout session with Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi

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Duration: 29 mins

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Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi
Presentation of Pages Project

Pages began its activities in February 2004 by publishing a bilingual (Farsi/English) periodical, pursuing an exchange between Iranian and international authors and artists with critical views on art, culture, urbanism and social issues.

Soon after publishing the second issue of the magazine, Pages began to develop collaborative projects with practitioners in different cultural fields.  Its activities transcended the magazine format into other layouts, these may be installation works, video essays, workshops and presentations.  As supplements to the magazine, the projects were often accompanied by publications such as a newspaper, posters, booklets etc.

Pages is interested in those cultural productions that communicate the specific conditions and circumstances in which they are produced, those socio-political conditions against which an artistic production is inevitably read as a discourse.  In particular through a series of projects, Pages tries to examine the possibilities of interaction and juxtaposition of various local discourses and conditions.  As such Pages constantly searches for ways to surpass predefined and geographically bound discourse of subjectivity and locality

Pages bilingual magazine already forces Pages into constant rethinking of its position within specific social and political contexts.  In effect this seems to reassert a certain unpredictability into the pages of the magazine.  Pages tries to constantly point to those intricacies and dissonances within local currents that give way to alternative chains of meanings, relations and coincidences.

Nasrin and Babak are artists living in Rotterdam and working both in Tehran and Rotterdam.  Nasrin’s piece ‘Passage’ is presented in Millennium Galleries as part of Art Sheffield 08


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